Text Adventure: Darkin's Quest

The Blacksmith
You walk into the blacksmith's shop and are greeted by a mechanical boy with big, blue eyes, uncombed, dark, brown hair, (matted, as if it has been under a hat; or a helmet perhaps).
The plating on the suit is a stunning bright blue with darker blue accents. On his arm is a socket, as if for switching out blacksmithing tools.
He says: "Hello! I am Mecha-smith, the only magin automaton blacksmith in all of Bagustan! How may I help you?"
You ask for a shield and he gives you a magical metal hoop with a handle in the middle.
Suddenly, It ignites! A glowing blue disc of energy appears before you.
You thank the mechanical boy, pay for the shield, and go on your way.

Go to the Saloon